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Compact Systems | Covering

Domestic or imported compact laminate panels with a thickness of 12-13mm are used in wet volume compact manufacturing. Optionally, panels with fire retardant properties, which can be produced in 8-19mm thickness, with EN13501-1: B-s1, d0 certification, can also be used.

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Compact laminate wc cabins Compact laminated inner facade cladding panels
About the Product
1Application Area

Business centers, hotels, convention centers, public and educational institutions, health facilities, etc.


• Color selection is made in accordance with the project details and specifications, with the approval of the employer.
• The raw edges of the panels are made black and smooth vertically / horizontally. In this process, hand sanding is never used, the panel is processed on a high-speed CNC machine.
• The total height of compact laminate panels ready for installation is 1830mm. The total height of the system is hmax: ± 2000mm.
• Height adjustment; It is made using stainless matte or shiny steel adjustable feet. Accordingly, a gap of 80-120-150mm is left between the system and the finished floor. In Turkish style toilets, if desired, the panel can be finished with an aluminum stainless U profile on the floor.
• The parts of the feet resting on the finished floor are made of stainless or plastic shoes. The shoes are fixed to the floor by inserting dowels and 304 quality stainless steel screws.
• One leg is used under the panels whose width does not exceed 300mm. Minimum two legs are used for passages larger than 300mm. One foot is used after 150mm in wall-mounted panels.
• Matte or shiny stainless aluminum U profiles are used in the wall connections of the panels. U profiles with the same characteristics are used in panel joints.
• As a finish on the top and side edges of the panel; matt or glossy aluminum "top head profile" is used. In corner turns, a corner profile with the same qualities is used.
• "304 quality stainless steel" compact screw is used in all joints.
• In door openings with a width of up to 640mm, the wing is mounted to the carrier panel using two hinges. At least three hinges are used for openings exceeding 640mm. Two connection screws are used for each hinge. The hinges are mounted in such a way that the center of gravity of the wing is determined and the door closes automatically.
• Wing edges are tongue-and-groove and close over bin stoppers.
• Door lock; It has two alternatives as Sliding Classic system or Inomiks Stainless. It is determined with the approval of the employer or administration.
• Other used in the system; Locks, Hinges, Adjustable Legs, Top Head Connection Elements, L Connection Elements, Hangers, Stoppers, Door Handles, and other profiles are selected and applied with the approval of the employer or the administration, depending on the project qualifications and technical specifications.