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BMI UK & Ireland
BMI UK & Ireland

BMI UK & Ireland

Innovative, technological and unique solutions for pitched roof, terrace roof and waterproofing: BMI Group, born from the combination of Europe's strong and well-established brand Braas and Icopal, is Europe's largest pitched and terrace roof solutions manufacturer. BMI, in Turkey for more than 20 years the UN has been operating with the Braas brand, with a capacity of 1.5 million m2 per annum over 36,000 m2 Braas Roofing has a production facility.
UN Turkey, Braas, everguard and Icopal brand with soil and cement tiled roof system, bitumen-synthetic (TPO-PVC) membrane waterproofing system in our country serves as the center in Gebze.
Braas Roof Systems
Inclined Roof System: Aesthetic tiles with different colors, models, textures and surface technologies, guaranteed against water and frost, roof heat and water insulation, dry ridge system, chimney and wall bottom insulation, rain gutter, inclined valley stream and eaves detail solutions, etc. roof system consisting of hundreds of detail solutions.
TPO Membrane Roof System: EverGuard TPO membrane system, which has been used more than 300 million m2 all over the world, has a proven performance, is a reliable solution for terrace roofs that show high resistance to wind lifting load and provide superior strength in welding places.
Bituminous Membranes for Flat Roofs, Shingle System for Inclined Roofs: Innovative solutions for terrace roofs with bituminous membranes offered with patented technologies such as special profiled bottom surface, micro ventilation under the membrane, SBS elastomeric bituminous shingles and complementary detail solutions.