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Berkosan Co.

About the Company

Berkosan Co., established in order to break a new ground in Turkey by commencing the manufacturing of polyethylene based insulation materials in 1993, today with around 150 employees, proudly carries the title of being the first corporation with stocks offered for sale in Emerging Companies Market affiliated with Istanbul Stock Exchange. Berkosan, started to be traded at the 2nd National Market in April 2012 after Emerging Companies Market, realizes manufacturing of heat-sound insulation and industrial packaging materials under 6 different brands within the organization. Berkosan in where first and second generation executive officers work together, provides services to leading enterprises to increase the quality in the sectors such as construction, industry, automotive, sports, installations, footwear and bag.
BERKOSAN, which has the capacity to perform fast deliveries to each and every region of Turkey with its Tekirdağ Saray Factory, established on an area of 30 thousand m² with an indoor area of 7850 m², Bilecik Bozöyük Factory, established on an area of 45 thousand m² with an indoor area of 6500 m² and started its operations in 2014 and warehouse and manufacturing area in Bursa, has been contributing dynamism to many sectors through utilizing manufacturing and technological superiorities and developing innovative solutions for the requirements in Turkey in insulation and packaging area since 1993. Berkosan, also breaking a new ground in the sector by manufacturing polypropylene based insulation materials in Turkey in 2014, endeavours to carry the quality in the area of Turkey to abroad simultaneously with the innovations realized in internal market. Berkosan, started exportation operations in 1995 and acquired 50% of its turnover from export revenues at this point, represents Turkey in more than 25 different countries.

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Berkosan Co.

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