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About the Product
1Application Area

Residential, hotel, shopping mall, office, restaurant, health care facilities, conference halls, gyms etc.


• Hands-free working system.
• Metal profile console that can carry 400 kg.
• Electric or battery production technology to order.
• Battery model with 4 D type / big batteries and 100.000 usage guarantee.
• Free installation by authorized service.
• Easy battery replacement that can be made by anyone.
• 2 different discharge functions in 3lt and 6lt.
• Thanks to its environmentally friendly design, it is possible to adjust 6 lt capacity up to 2.4 lt and 3 lt capacity up to 1.7 lt.
• Adaptation to many architectural designs thanks to its color options.
• 100% leak test.
• Silent and instantaneous shut-off float (EN14124, Class I) (NF) that does not reclaim
• Compatible with wall-hung toilets.