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Porcelain Shower Tile/Aquanit

Brand: Aquanit

Aquanit is a porcelain shower tile that is designed in the sizes of 80x80, 90x90, 80x120 and 90x135. Thanks to this product, an aesthetic and seamless appearance is obtained with an installation at the same level as the floor. Its difference from the bathroom tubs is the fact that it is hygienic and stronger as it is a technical porcelain. Durable Aquanit is manufactured under 100% technical porcelain conditions and bears all the features of a porcelain tile. Its breaking strength is above 5000NW and bending strength is above 50 N/mm2 according to the ISO 10545-4 standard. Its water absorption value is below 0.02%. The special enamel applied to the tile’s surface provides resistance to chemicals, scratches, and wear. Solution Package The Aquanit shower tiles come as a package, with the drain system and cover built in. Four cover choices and drain systems, with side and bottom outlet options, offer solutions for different spaces and needs. Installation guide helps users. Rich Color and Pattern Optıons The Aquanit porcelain shower tile can be used in a wide variety of applications thanks to the range of solid colors, and natural stone, wood, and concrete-look texture choices." Design Integrity Aquanit allows you to pick from Seranit Group portfolio of design options allowing for design integrity with your floor and wall tile choices. Size Options Aquanit is manufactured in four standard sizes: 80x80cm, 90x90cm, 80x120cm, and 90x135cm. It can also be cut in nonstandard custom sizes to fit your space. Non-Slip Application of a special enamel gives the Aquanit porcelain shower tile a matte, non-slip surface. Its slip resistance rating is R11, according to the DIN 51130 standard, and C in the DIN 51097 standard. Aquanit shower tile's non-slip properties ensure your safety in the shower. Easy Application Because of the Aquanit shower tile's one-piece, self-inclined design: Drain and siphon units are quickly and effortlessly installed. Application can be carried out without pre-sloping the floor beneath. No grout application is necessary. Usage Areas In addition to living spaces, it can be used for shower floors in many indoor and outdoor facilities, including hospitals, hotels, lodges, nursing homes, gyms, beaches, spas, bathhouses, and thermal spa resorts. Hygienic Because Aquanit porcelain shower tile has a water absorption value below 0.06%, an enameled surface, a one-piece body, and no grout and silicone application needed, it helps prevent the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew. Easy to clean. For these reasons, it's hygienic. Application Without Elevation The Aquanit porcelain shower tile is applied at the same level as the floor tiles without any difference in elevation. This ease of application creates the feeling of continuous space in your bathroom

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Porcelain tile Wet area flooring
About the Product
1Application Area

Hospital, hotel, nursing home, house, sport centers, Spa zones, pool showers etc


Size (cm): 80x80, 80X120, 90x90, 90X135
Length and width: ± 0,4%
Thickness: ± 4%
Rectangularity: ± 0,4%
Surface quality: A minimum of 95% of the tiles shall be free from visible defects that would impair the appearence of a major area of tiles
Water absorption: E ≤ 0,05 %
Breaking strength (Newton): S ≥ 2200 N
Modulus of rupture (N/mm²): R ≥45 N / mm²
Impact resistance by measurement of coefficient of restitution: 0.81
Resistance to surface abrasion - intended for use on floors: Min. Class 3
Determination of linear thermal expansion: 6.0 x 10-6 / ºC
Resistance to thermal shock: Resistant
Moisture expansion, in mm/m’e: 0.1
Crazing resistance: Resistant
Frost resistance: Resistant
Resistance to low concentrations of acids and alkalis: GLA
Resistance to high concentrations of acids and alkalis: GHA
Resistance to household chemicals and swimming pool salts: GA
Resistance to stains: min. 4
Lead and cadmium given off by tiles: Pb <0,1 - Cd<0,01
Surface hardness Mohs: Min. 6
Skid resistance: R10
Color resistance to light: Resistant

3Quality Assurance Certificates

TSE, CE, ECO Platform, EPD