Bathroom Furniture | Casilla

Brand: Kale Banyo

Designed with a masculine sense of elegance, Casilla bathroom furniture will be the first choice of those looking for a sporty and dynamic look in bathrooms. While Casilla appeals to every taste with its matte gray white and matte mink gray color options, it also provides more storage space with its large-volume double drawers. Casilla also brings innovation to bathrooms with its special framed mirror design. The illuminated framed mirror or illuminated cabinet mirror alternatives are designed for those who want both elegance and functionality together. Casilla with a size of 65-80-100 cm; It also stands out with its affordable price, water-resistant durabad coating, metal handle detail, and alternative laundry basket and shelf option offered in the tall cabinet.

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Residential, bathroom, hotel, office, cafe and restaurants

• Durabad body and cover on MDF
• Framed mirror