Bathroom Furniture | Viu/XViu

Brand: Duravit

Duravit and sieger design design office completely equip bathrooms with a forward-thinking design approach, with Viu sanitary ware series, XViu furniture series and bathtubs compatible with these series.

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- In the series, the highest quality sanitary ware, glass and metal materials come together with matte lacquer and wood to create an eye-catching contrast. The Viu and XViu series cover all of the shower, washbasin and toilet areas and offer a harmonious interior design concept throughout the bathroom.
- Viu and Xviu series washbasin cabinets use Duravit patented c-bonded technology. The outline of the washing area is a simple rectangle, while the interior features organic folds and a large bowl. The edge running along the faucet platform runs along the unit, creating an unobtrusive border for the item. The vertical rim inside the sink bowl echoes the vertical design in the unit's outline. It can now be easily applied in bathrooms with a washing area of ​​450mm to 1200mm. This provides more flexibility in bathroom planning.
- The lines on the inner surface of the Viu sink are designed to remind the soft texture of water. Attention has been paid to details such as the white ceramic coating of the push-open system siphon cover being flush with the reservoir in the open position. Matte Champagne or Matte Black options are available for the elegant V-shaped profiles that form the eye-catching contours of the metal console.
- It is possible to achieve different combinations in the bathroom with glass shelves with four different color options. The acrylic coating at the bottom of the chamber serves to hide items such as cables and connecting pipes. Thus, for example, when D.1e model electronic batteries are used, there is no need to compromise on the design approach of the Viu and XViu. A wide variety of wood, lacquer and decor coating options make it possible to benefit from the contrast of different materials.
- Viu washbasins with glazed bottoms offer solutions according to different needs with their five different sizes as well as a small hand basin model.
- In high and short XViu cabinets, translucent sooty glasses can be used if desired. The hinges, on the other hand, are designed to make it easy to open and close the doors, while being unobtrusive.
- XViu's design language is also evident in the profiles on the edges of mirrors and mirrored cabinets. The sensor mirror models in the series provide the highest level of comfort in the bathroom with the light intensity adjustment feature. With the XViu, the brightness of the light can be adjusted up to 300 lux and the light color can be adjusted between 2,700 kelvin (yellow light) and 6,500 kelvin (white light) in the icon-controlled model from the mirror surface, which is a first in mirror cabinets. In this model, the heating option for all mirrors comes as standard.
- Another outstanding product in the XViu series is the freestanding bathtub model. It is possible to see the contrast created by the metal frame, which can be ordered in Matte Champagne or Matte Black, with glossy white acrylic in this product. The bathtub, which has two size options, 160x80 cm and 180x80 cm, draws attention with its organically shaped ergonomic interior. The drain of the tub is also unobtrusively placed to complement the sophisticated design of the series.
- Viu toilet bowls likewise benefit from the interaction of simple geometric shapes and stand out with their elegant interior design. The lid opens with the button placed next to the toilet bowl, making cleaning easier. Thanks to Rimless®, Duravit's rimless toilet technology, the highest level of efficiency is provided at every flush. Viu toilet bowls provide the highest standard of comfort when used with Duravit's A2 control panel and mounting frame. SensoWash® Slim is another alternative for the toilet bowl.
- Duravit's D.1 and D.1z batteries fit perfectly with the design of the Viu and XViu series, along with the electronic D.1e model. While XViu furniture has 34 different surface options, it also creates beautiful combinations with VeroAir, Me by Starck and P3 Comforts sanitary ware series. Viu washbasins can alternatively be combined with XSquare, L-Cube and Brioso furniture series.