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Aytaş Alçı A.Ş. was founded on 2007 in Ankara, Bala, wherein the highest quality gypsum stratum is located. Two production plants, namely Aygips and Aypan are located on an overall of open area of 100.000 square meters and closed area of 22.000 square meters. Aygips powder gypsum production plant was activated on February, 2008. Aygips plant has a capacity of 2200 tones powder gypsum per day. Aypan production plant was activated on May 2009 and its annual capacity is 20.000.000 square meter gypsum plate. Aytaş Alçı is acting with the vision to make Aygips and Aypan brands most wanted in international market, and to be able to answer constantly changing consumer needs, and to create a respectful brand, which continuously improves in order to comply with rapidly and continuously changing environmental conditions as well as contributes to the widening of usage area of gypsum based construction materials. Aytaş Alçı is increasing its being well-known not only within Turkey but also in surrounding countries. An overall of 25 countries, such as Abhasia, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bulgaria, Armenia, Georgia, Cyprus, Macedonia, Malta, Sudan, Syria, Rusia, Turkmenistan, Jordan, Afghanistan and Greece, are among the countries, where Aygips, Aypan and Aysist branded products are exported to.
Ayrancıoğlu Group of Companies was founded on 1940s by means of steel trading. Ayrancıoğlu Group of Companies, which kept up with the changing Turkey conditions, is composed of Aykon Yapı, Aymaş Makine, Ayrim Mimarlık, Ayra Medikal, Aytur Turizm, Modern Tekstil, KLK Gıda and Aytaş Alçı A.Ş., which recently entered into the group and is the biggest company of the group. Affiliates of the Ayrancıoğlu Group of Companies are also present within the retail sales area by means of Armada Mall and Kentpark Mall within Ankara in addition to these miscellaneous sectors.


Aytaş Alçı

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