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Atlas 1

About the Company

Atlas Bir Yapı is a company that was established in 2008 and provides services in the fields of construction, industry and engineering, for ezon floors, concrete roads, tunnels and their applications.
After starting its operations, it provided supply and engineering services for 17 million m² of floor reinforcement fibers, and created the Betonfiber® brand, which strengthens concrete and prevents crack formation with Macro Synthetic, Micro Synthetic and Steel Fibers.
Atlas 1 Yapı is the distributor of world giant companies such as CreteColors (USA), Concria (USA), Propex (USA), Hengelhoef Concrete Joints (BEL) in Turkey and the Middle East.
Aiming to offer the best solutions for concrete floors, Atlas 1 combines lithium technology with its expert team and offers dust-free, high-strength, non-abrasive, glossy floor applications on concrete floors with the patented Glosslitium® Concrete Polishing System developed by itself.

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Atlas 1

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