Micro Sandblasting Systems

Brand: IBIX

IBIX micro sandblasting systems can be used in historical artifacts such as natural stone, wood, metal, etc. It is a mechanical surface cleaning device developed for use on surfaces that can spray both wet and dry, allowing controlled, selective and sensitive operation. It allows cleaning without damaging the patina of the stone.

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It is a suitable and approved system for use on natural stone, wood, metal, concrete, brick, etc. surfaces in historical monuments.

• It is a system suitable for restoration, controlled, selective and sensitive surface cleaning. It makes an important contribution to surface cleaning works in historical artifacts. It minimizes mechanical and chemical surface stress.
• Working pressure, consumable spray rate can be adjusted. Nozzle heads can be easily changed in accordance with the surface.
• Both wet and dry spraying can be done.
• It is a mobile and easy to use device.

PED, TUV, CE certified