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Construction, Contract and Decoration Services

The best reward for an architect is to see that his design and ideas have a physical form. The way to do this is to take a role in the field of application itself. With the coordination between architecture and engineering in today's technological conditions, the errors that may occur during the application are almost zero. The company is specialized in the field of architecture with more than 30 years of experience; In the project and modeling process, making the dream that comes out with the smallest details into reality is the field of expertise. The company accepts the building not only as an element of its own but also as a whole with its decoration and design.

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Turn-key type contracting service Decoration application Superstructure contract Villa, house and mass housing construction
About the Product
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Our company offers implementation services both domestically and internationally, from design until turnkey delivery, in the areas of superstructures, residences, commercial buildings, exclusive projects, joining forces with its business partners experienced in their core areas and utilizing quality-certified construction materials accepted all over the world, with design and implementation being our areas of expertise.


- Private Villas: (My Local Green Home, My Country Home, Zekeriyakoy Villas, Cekmekoy Villas, Ayben & Hasan Hasoglan Villa, Bizen & Mahmut Progressive Villa etc.)
- Kocaeli Gölcük Municipality: (Bus Terminal, Health Center, Piyalepaşa Culture Center, Gözlementepe Social Activity and Service Building, 17 August Martyr Memorial Ceremony, 17 August Respect for Nature Monument)
- Bahçecik Beykoz Villas
- Behire Burçkin Apt.
- Casa Saral
- My Blue Ship Mall
- My Red Shoes Mall
- Özkoç Plaza AVMc- Residence
- Baku - Orient Bazaar Hotel and Shopping Complex
- Shadan Company - Apartment Hotels
Apartment Hotels in Cyprus
- Mehmet Debreli Apart Hotel
- Baku - Exxon Mobil Corporation - Office Building
- H.A Cyprus Computer Center
- Mehmet Debreli Mercedes Galery
- Anıl Automotive Construction and Tourism Ltd.
- Consulta Audit Ymm Ltd. Sti.
- Tunç Matbaacılık Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.
- Güzeliş Porcelain Industry and Trade Inc.
- Grafim Film and Printing Inc.
- Bozboga Paper Industry and Trade Inc.