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Temperable Solar Control Low-E Glass

Brand: Şişecam Temperlenebilir Solar Low-E Cam

Şişecam Temperable Solar Control Low-E Glass is Şişecam Flat Glass’ heat and solar control glass. Double glazing units which are manufactured with Şişecam Temperable Solar Control Low-E Glass by Accredited Isıcam Authorized Producers are on the market as Isıcam K T brand. Isıcam Insulating Glass Units is under warranty of Isıcam Authorized Producer for 10 years against manufacturing defects. Advantages: - Heat and solar control with a single coating. - Reduces heat loss from windows by 50% compared to ordinary IGU and provides savings on heating expenses. - Decreases solar energy transmission by 40-65% compared to ordinary IGU and provides savings on cooling expenses. - Provides alternative solutions to projects with its different performance choices. - Reduces condensation on glass surface. - In winter cold spots, in summer hot spots by windows are eliminated and heat inside the room is radiated equally. - Minimum risk of injury; when broken it is divided into small pieces which are not sharp. - Approximately five times stronger than annealed glass against impact. Colors Besides clear float glass, temperable Solar Control Low-E coating can also be applied on green, gray, bronze and blue body tinted glass on demand.

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About the Product
1Application Area

Neutral 71/43: Residences, villas and store front glazing where transparency
and low reflection are required

Neutral 58/32: Residences and commercial buildings where high daylight
transmission and efficient solar control are necessary

Neutral 62/44: Residences and education complexes where high light
transmission is needed

Neutral 50/33: Offices, hotels and hospitals where optimum daylight
transmission and efficient solar control are necessary

Neutral 41/27: Skylights or warm climate areas where daylight control and
efficient solar protection are required


6 mm (#) + 16 mm Cavity + 6 mm

Neutral 71/43;
Daylight Transmittance: 71%
Daylight Reflectance Outdoor: 14%
Solar Factor: 43%

Neutral 58/32;
Daylight Transmittance: 57%
Daylight Reflectance Outdoor: 19%
Solar Factor: 32%

Neutral 62/44;
Daylight Transmittance: 60%
Daylight Reflectance Outdoor: 21%
Solar Factor: 43%

Neutral 50/33;
Daylight Transmittance: 49%
Daylight Reflectance Outdoor: 30%
Solar Factor: 34%

Neutral 41/27;
Daylight Transmittance: 41%
Daylight Reflectance Outdoor: 36%
Solar Factor: 27%

U Value: 1.1 W/m²K

# represents coated surface.
Şişecam Temperable Solar Control Low-E Glass is recommended to be used in Isıcam Insulating Glass Units and Solar Low-E coating should be placed on the 2nd surface.

3Quality Assurance Certificates

TS 3539 EN 1279, TS EN 1096, CE