Glossy Paint Applied Decorative Glass

Brand: Şişecam Boyalı Cam

Şişecam Lacquered Glass is an environmentally friendly decorative glass obtained by applying high-quality flat glass paint. It is an aesthetic product that is used only in interior decoration and offers different options to the designer and the user with its optional color options. In places where safety is required, "safety tape" is applied in order to keep glass pieces in place and to prevent the risk of injury.

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In home, office and commercial buildings;
- in the divisions
- wall coverings,
- refrigerator doors,
- It is used only in interior decoration in furniture with the painted side on a surface.

• Şişecam Lacquered Glass is produced in 4-6 mm thickness and standard dimensions of 3210x2250 mm, 3210x2500 mm.
Produced using RAL 9005 (black), RAL 9010 (white), RAL 8017 (chocolate brown), RAL 8022 (dark brown), RAL 1015 (beige), RAL 2001 (orange) and RAL 3004 (burgundy) and low iron float glass RAL 9003 White color options are available.
• It can be produced in optional colors (minimum 2.000 m²).
• The paint used during painting is an environmentally friendly product as it does not contain any heavy metals and chemicals harmful to the environment.
• Grinding and drilling operations can be applied.
• Temper and lamination are not allowed.

ISO 9001