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Classic Frosted Glass

Brand: Şişecam Buzlu Cam, Şişecam Telli Cam

Şişecam Patterned Glass has a texture imprinted onto its surface and used for decorative purposes. • One of the most natural materials used in home and office design, glass will bring the shiny touch of the sun to the interiors where you live. • Patterned glasses are produced for an aesthetic interior design, and bring out the elegance in living areas. • It imparts a sense of light and spaciousness to dim and cramped areas. • It offers light and privacy simultaneously. • Every design offers a different level of vision control depending on your needs in your designs and projects. • Lamination gives it the qualities of a security and safety glass. • It can be used in places requiring security after being tempered. • It can be given different visual characteristics with the application of mirror on its patterned surfaces.

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Kitchen cabinet Door glass Shower cabin glass
About the Product
1Application Area

Şişecam Patterned Glass is suitable for residential, office or commercial premises.
Patterned glass is produced for aesthetic interior design and reveals the elegance of living areas.
Major Application Areas:
Privacy windows
Interior doors
Shower enclosures
Kitchen - Bathroom cabinets
Counter and shelves


Şişecam Patterned Glass is manufactured through a continuous rolling process where molten glass is allowed to flow between two rollers, one with distinct patterns.
Şişecam Patterned Glass can be:
Tempered or Laminated to resist a higher level of impact pressure.
Used in double glazed units.
When laminated, the patterned side must face the outside of the assembly.
Şişecam Patterned Glass series are manufactured in 4 mm standard thickness.
5-6-8 mm thicknesses are available on request.
Standard sizes (mm): 2200x1200, 2200x1400, 2200x1600, 2200x1800, 2400x2200
2500x2200, 3210x2200
The tolerances on nominal sizes are ± 3 mm.