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AD Group was established in February 2010 and serves a variety of roofing and cladding materials, also has a sales representation in Turkey. We are doing the supplying of such materials from abroad, our firm continues its marketing and sales activities in Istanbul.
AD Group has become a brand of quality and customer satisfaction.  AD Group’s proffesional staff are managing marketing and sales activities with technological materials for prestige buildings . We represent  natural, long-lasting, maintenance-free materials for  modern and traditional architecture.
The most important factor in AD Group work is quality.Thats why we always work with companies which is appropriate in all the requested quality standards. The most important points for us in implemented projects are: long-lasting facade and roofe claddings, harmlessness to the natural and social environment, maintenance-free product supplying.
AD Group has become a brand of customer satisfaction and quality….
We are doing the supplying of such materials as: VMZINC Titanium Zinc Roofing and Siding Materials, Copper Plus laminated copper Roofing and Siding Materials, Samsung Metal Patina Copper and Stainless Steel Roofing and Siding Materials, Swisspearl Cement Composite Wall Cladding panels, MeshArt stainless mesh Architectural Coating Materials, Artos - Andritz Kufferrath stainless steel mesh Coating Materials, Starshine Glass Stained Glass Panel Coating, Ceko Wood Solid Natural Wood Facade and Floor Coverings, Codina woven metal mesh, REESE Roof Accessories, Stubai Metal Roof / Side Hand Tools.
AD Group aims to keep customer satisfaction at the forefront. Our company considers changing and evolving customer expectations and will supply new materials unabated.
With you from the past to the future, always a step ahead ...


AD Group

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