Kneer-Süd Fenster combines wood heat with custom design and top segment quality to present it to the customers. The windows have high heat and sound insulation properties. Many different systems can be applied such as sliding, folding, sliding, hebeschiebe. SHI (Sential Haus Institute) is the only manufacturer that can fulfill health certificate requirements.

Scope of Application

It is suitable to use in houses, villas and restored buildings.


Our products do not contain VOC (volatile organic compounds). It is completely ecological. A special security mechanism patented 'KEIFALZ' is used. A hidden hinge system is available. There are 'Antique, Antique Plus, Style, Efficent' sections in 3 different sizes and different details, HF68, 82 and 90. Pine, oak, meranti, spruce tree alternatives are available. Shutters, mosquito nets and french balconies are presented with detailed solutions.

Quality Assurance Certificates

RAL, IFT Rosenheim, DIN, SHI, ECO, RC2


Kneer-Süd Fenster

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