Heraklith wood wool is a natural product offering high thermal and sound insulation. The wood wool panels have natural and aesthetic appearance along with easy application and fire resistance properties. During the production of wood wool panels, long, fine wood fibers are pressed with a mineral bonding agent into a light multifunctional panel. The wood wool panels combined with rock mineral wool are an excellent insulation panel. Heraklith wood wool panels are naturally durable with the same service life as the building in which they are applied.

Scope of Application

Underground garages, basement ceilings, external walls, acoustic barriers, pitched roofs, internal partitions, technical rooms, agricultural use, other use


Acoustic: The open surface structure of the Heraklith wood wool panels ensure outstanding acoustic properties. Durable: The high impact resistance of the wood wool surface ensures optimal protection against any physical damage. Eco-Friendly: Only PEFC certified wood is used for the Heraklith wood wool panels. PEFC stands for "Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification" schemes. Fire safe: Heraklith wood wool panels act as a heat shield and protect the construction during fire. Heraklith offers multilayer boards with limited combustibility or, which are non combustible boards (A2 class). Thermal: Heraklith panels ensure excellent thermal insulation for living and working areas.

Quality Assurance Certificates

CE, PEFC ST 2002:2010, The Blue Angel, Institut Bauen und Umwelt e. V. EPD Certificate



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