Vision and space perception in different tissues and wallpapers produced with great precision has become possible to create. All materials have been carefully tested and are free of substances harmful to human health or the environment. The high quality nonwoven wallpaper has a sturdy thickness of 150 grams per square metre and is especially easy and clean to apply.Brand, gives many spacious design possibilities to create different patterns on the wallpaper, by offering alternatives. Your photos which you immortalize a moment that you take, excellent view of the tissue taken from nature or space to reflect your sense of infinite on the wall with Extratapete .It has various sizes and variations of each wallpaper design. The photo and graphic wallpapers consist of a motif made up of 3 to 10 strips.Nonwoven wallpaper is made of mineral fibres and cellulose and is more robust than ordinary wallpaper.Nonwoven wallpaper is highly resistant to moisture. It is so robust that it can be pulled off the wall and it does not loose its shape when wet. It easily covers minor cracks in the wall.And patterns will not distort.

Scope of Application

It is particularly preferred for home and office designs.


Extratapete’s wallpapers are light resistant Washproof B1 certified Flame resistant: DIN 4102-01 Dimensions: It changes depends on the collection/design.

Quality Assurance Certificates

B1 Certificate



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