7 architectural aspects: QUARTZ-ZINC® grey, ANTHRA-ZINC® black, PIGMENTO® brown, Blue, Greed, Red and now AZENGAR® engraved illuminated mat surface. Advantages of VMZINC titanium zinc: Modern and durable aesthetics, prestigious buildings Harmony with the environment and all other materials (Ex: wood, bricks, glass) Long-life: 100 years No maintenance, no corrosion, self-protection by the patina Ideal for aggressive climates: No changes on aspects Recycle, eco-friendly green cladding material

Scope of Application

VMZINC titanium zinc fields of use: Cladding and all waterproof flashing details. Building Forms: Flat façade surfaces. Climates: All included the most aggressive area, (next to the sea, high UV, mountains) Segments: New and modern buildings, renovation, traditional buildings, reparation.


Aspects: AZENGAR® (Engraved) QUARTZ-ZINC® (grey), ANTHRA-ZINC® (black) 4 different pigmented aspects: PIGMENTO® (brown, blue, green, red) Nonstandard PIGMENTO® aspects are also available on request. Density: Depends on system panel width Panels width: 200/250/300/350 mm Thickness: 1,00mm Cladding systems: Interlocking Panels Elegant linear panels Concealed fastening Variable joint size Horizontal and vertical installation possible

Quality Assurance Certificates

EN 988, PREMIUMZINC, ISO 9001: 2000, ISO 14001, CE, LEED, BREEAM, HQE




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Curtain wall system Metal façade cladding Restoration works Exterior façade cladding Exterior sheathing

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