Tytan Professional O2 STYRO 753 adhesive for external thermal insulation is an adhesive designed to fix EPS and XPS boards to facade walls, roof and foundations during the external thermal insulation of buildings.The adhesive is compatible with all External Thermal Insulation Systems (ETICS) available on the market used with foamed polystyrene especially. Wide range of adhesion and elasticity gives confidence of strong bonding.

Scope of Application

Bonding insulation materials (EPS, XPS, PIR, PUR) at external thermal Insulation composite systems. One can replaces 25 kg. of powder adhesive for bonding insulation boards to facades, foundations, roofs. Sealing gaps between insulation boards by tightening insulation envelope prevent to heat escape and thermal bridges formation.


Easy and convenient application for external insulation from foundations to roof. Express and short time of insulation installation Heavy-duty bond Very wide scope of temperatures of application. Strong and durable adhesion to foamed polystyrene and other typical construction materials. Low pressure formulation ensure stability and prevent deformation during working. No emission of MDI Improved work safety



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