The openable cover systems on the pool are the professional solutions which shall allow you to benefit from your pool for twelve months of the year and which shall extend your pool pleasure as long as you desire.

Scope of Application

All of the open pools


The system is composed of the movable modules which are inserted into each others in telescopic form. The modules are operated as motor operated or manually through the wheels on the rails on the ground. The carrier profiles are made of aluminum. The connection elements and mechanism which are used throughout the entire system are manufactured of the stainless inox materials. The cover material could be preferred as glass, transparent solid, acrylic and polycarbonate according to the place of application and your preferences.

Quality Assurance Certificates

CE, DIN, EN, ISO 9001



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Preliminary Study/Feasibility, Project, Consultancy, Inspection, Execution, Installation, Maintenance, Contracting

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