These technical porcelain floor tiles are 9 mm thick and they are produced in size 197x197 mms. Advantages: Their thickness is suitable for the other floor coverings so there is no need for additional level grouting. There is no surface abrasion ,for this reason there is no need for special maintenance. Installing can be applied with a standard grauting glue. There isn’t any special colour or model choice of these products , they are planned for every kind of design and colour choices.

Scope of Application

These series are produced as technical porcelain so they can be used as outdoor, indoor wall and floor coverings.


Length and width: ± 0,5 mm Thickness: ± % 4 Straightness of sides: ± % 0,3 Rectagularity: ± % 0,3 Surface flatness: ± % 0,3 Water absorbtion: E < % 0,5 Breaking strength: > 2000 N Modulos of rupture: > 40 N/mm² Resistance to surface abrasion: PEI : 3-4 Coefficient of thermal expansion: Guaranteed Thermal shock resistance: Guaranteed Frost resistance: Guaranteed Resistance to staining: Guaranteed Resistance to asids and alkalis: Class GLB, GHB Resistance to house hold chemicals and swimming pool water cleaners.: Class GA

Quality Assurance Certificates

ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007, TS EN 14411


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