Steel Fibres for the Concrete Reinforcement Kemerix is a cost efficient and time-saving solution for flooring industry, tunnel applications, precast industry and residental applicantions. Kemerix gives concrete; high impact resistance, improved structural ductility, increased durability by providing crack control, remarkably increased flexural strength and exceptional control over cracking.

Scope of Application

Heavy duty industrial floors, jointless floors, concrete pavements, subway stations, airports, seaports, logistics areas, oil stations, parking areas, tunnels, emergency gallery, mining, excavation and open pit stabilization


Length: 30-60 mm Diameter: 0,55-1,05 mm Tensile strength: 1000-1500 N/mm²

Quality Assurance Certificates

EN 14889-1:2006,TS 10513, TS EN ISO 9001:2008, TS EN ISO 14001:2004, TS 18001:2008



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