Setap produces the whole load bearing system elements which are formed with built- in structural steel constructions at the CNC controlled integrated roolforming manufacturing lines above the sector’s average dimension sensitivity at his own manufacturing facility. Manufactured parts are attached as a result of the processes which are done by the certificated welders. After the painting processes, construction parts' assembly is completed with the bolts at the work site. By completing a big part of the manufacturing at the manufacturing facility, the assembly failures are minimized and therefore this provides time and cost savings.

Scope of Application

Structural Steel System is used for the constructions which are required big gaps with large- scaled, widthwise , lengthwise or height especially by process. That means, it is nearly preferred for the whole large- scaled industry constructions. Besides the large-scaled manufacturing facilities; specific places like large- scaled, multifloor buildings, skyscrapers, trade centers, fair grounds, airports, shopping malls, sports facilities and bridges are among the constructions which structural steel system is preferred.


Thanks to its flexibility, it has earthquake- resistance. Preferred at the specific designed constructions due to its flexible design opportunities. Completed in the shortest time when it is compared with the alternatives due to its pre-manufacturing system and the ability of the assembly with only bolts. Since therefore, it is gained both time and cost for the investors. It can be assembled and disassembled when you desired. The whole construction can be used over without any loss. Thanks to the main material recycled steel, ecological construction can be produced. The whole construction period is under inspection.



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