Metapanel ‘s Insulated Roof and Wall Sandwich Panels are responding all needs such as thermal ınsulation, air tightness, hygiene, aesthetics, fire insulation . And also produce FRP and PET Roof Panels for acidic environments and Food Production&Storage Facilities; Acoustic Rockwool Insulated Roof and Wall Panels for sound ınsulation; PVC-TPO Membraned Roof Panels for low-slope roof systems; H Wall Panel for container and prefabricated buildings and Cold Room Panels for cold storages.

Scope of Application

Used in roof and walls of the large sized steel or prefabricated structural buildings, such as factory buildings, industrial buildings, military structures, social structures, agricultural structures, sports facilities, construction site buildings, poultry farms, cold storage rooms, silos, hypermarkets, shopping malls, state buildings and thermal power plants.


Insulation Type: Polyurethane(PUR),Polyisocyanurate(PIR),Rockwool PUR/PIR Insulation Thickness: 80-100-120-150-180-200 mm PUR/PIR Density: 40 kg/m³ Width of Panel:100 mm Min.Length: 2,40 mt Max.Length: 15,00 mt

Quality Assurance Certificates

TS EN 14509, ISO, CE



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