Today roofing systems including roof fixing materials and roofing accessories are of importance in robust and long life roof construction. Clip fixing is the most efficient method of preventing roof tiles from lifting, slipping and breaking. Dry ridge system provides a continuous ventilation fort he removal of damp and moisture in roof spaces. The protection of the roof from the wind driven rainwater is also very important. Chimney wall sealing tape is used to flash two dissimilar surfaces where weather blocking is required.

Scope of Application

Applied to all types of roof covering. System products are conformable for all roof tiles.


Traditional roof tile hook: Polyester coating, 5 cm-7 cm-10 cm-2x5 cm-2x7 cm-2x9 cm-2x10 cm Eave hook: Polyester coating, 44 cm-49 cm Marseille tile clip: 1,5 mm x 75 mm Ridge tile clip: 1,5 mm x 160 mm Ridge ventilation tape: Breathable, water repellent tape 24 cm-31 cm-36 cm Chimney wall bottom sealing tape: Aluminium insulation tape with butyl adhesive 30 cm Lath holder: Galvanized coating, 45 mm-50 mm



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