For clay roof tiles the little but important things are the tile clips - locks. Clip fixing is the most efficient method of preventing the roof tiles from lifting, slipping and breaking in bad weather conditions and severe storms. Tile hooks, eave tile hooks and Marseile tile clips are designed for traditional overlapping and interlocking style tiles. Ridge tile clips remove the need of mortal at ridges and cut tile clips are available for tiling in special roof edges.

Scope of Application

Clips are used in high wind regions, especially on steep slopes and on all kinds of clay tile roofing systems as fastening materials.


Barrel tile hook: 50 mm / 70 mm/ 80 mm / 100 mm / 2x50 mm / 2x70 mm/ 2x90 mm/ 2x100 mm – Polyester coating Eave tile hook: 440 mm, 490 mm – Polyester coating Marseille (interlocking) tile clip: Galvanized coating Cut tile clip: Stainless steel Ridge tile clip: 1,5 mm Aluminium – Polyester coating



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