These are the openable roof covering systems which are designed with the transparent or semi-transparent materials, which are opened manually or as engine-operated in telescopic form. It presents both spaciousness and comfort together and at the same time without breaking off from the natural environment thanks to its daylight permeability in the places. In addition to this, these are the systems which help forming pleasant spaces together with the aesthetics of the glass and the perfectly solve application details.

Scope of Application

Complex structures such as cafeterias, restaurants, residences, hotels, shopping centers, culture centers and office buildings


The openable roof systems are established on aluminum or steel construction and it acts in telescopic form in the manner to provide opening with the proportion of 50-66-75%. Because of the fact that the system enables utilization of the sunlight to the maximum extent, it provides advantage in energy savings. The openable roof system could be also applied in the laminated glass, thermopane or polycarbonate material alternatives.

Quality Assurance Certificates

CE, DIN, EN, ISO 9001



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