Panora-Kinetic systems are vertically retracting glass balustrade & window systems. Panora-Kinetic systems provide all the benefits of a glass balustrade, with the addition of a wind & rain shield when required. Panora-Kinetic systems utilizes, hidden self-charging piston drive system that eliminates unsightly counter weights, thick profiles, cables and pulleys. Panora-Kinetic opens manually and closes automatically with simple touch. To appreciate Libart’s design philosophy of aesthetics, function and simplicity you need to look at the Panora-Kinetic system from the outside, all glass façade. Due to Panora-Kinetic's structural glass framing system, virtually no supporting system can be seen from the outside. Internally, Panora-Kinetic system is supported with extensive structural and safety options to archive all necessary safety one expects from a balcony railing system.

Scope of Application

In Restaurants, Cafes, Hotels, Pools, Commercial, Residential spaces, Panora-Kinetic can be used to obtain an uninterrupted, united and elegant spaces with unblocked sight and a highlighted comfort sense


ax. Width: 1.60m(5’3”) Max. Height: 2.50m(8’2”) Operation: Semi-automatic Glazing: 6mm Tempered Glass

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