Duramit PVC Roof Panels coated with ASA are manufactured with coextrusion technology and durable to UV rays, humidity, hot and cold weather conditions. Duramit PVC Roof Panels preserve their colors and physicial qualities for long years because of their ASA coating. They are 10 times lighter compared to clay panels. Duramit PVC Roof Panel provides a complete system for everything related to the roof. All accessories required for professional roof application starting from top ridge, finishing stop, corner, side finishing stop, L junction to stream elements are all compatible and are available in 5 colors. 1 - Ridge Unit 2 - Wall Connector 3 - 3-way Ridge (160 degree angle) 4 - 3-way Ridge (120 degree angle) 5 - Headwall Flashing 6 - Diagonal Ridge 7 - Terminal Ridge 8 - Terminal Diagonal Ridge 9 - L shape Barge Board

Scope of Application

Implemented on all roof types: Housing, villas, apartments, industrial buildings, sport facilities, hospitals, schools, social service buildings, prefabricated buildings.


Form: Solid Colour: Unicolor Thickness: Between +10% and -5% of the specified thickness Length: Between +1 cm and -0.5 cm of the specified length Width: ±0.5 cm of the specified width Weight: 3.5 – 3.9 kg/m² Dart impact: > 60 in.lb Pendulum impact: 200 – 250 kJ/m² Tensile modulus: 800-1000 N/mm² Flextural modulus: 1800-2200 N/mm² Shore-D hardness: 74 - 78 Longitudinal warpage: <= 4 mm Shrinkage (73°C, 4 hour): <1% Density: 1.41-1.45 g/cm³ Water leakage: None Water absorption: < 0.2% Light fastness, 200 hrs: dE < 1.5 Surface resistance to chemicals: No stains after 2 hours

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