Highly innovative polyurethane foam with very high yield and superior foam structure achieved thanks to modern technology. Low pressure formulation prevents bowing of window and door profiles. The product is recommended for sealing, filling, nsulating and mounting even in hard-to-reach places thanks to it's multiposition function

Scope of Application

Mounting, insulating, filling and sealing windows, doors, pipes, cracks and holes


High yield Up to 60L (2 x more foam compare to offered by standard foams) Low pressure formulation Does not flow down from vertical surfaces Very high dimensional stability Multiposition function Application temperatures from 0ºC up to +30ºC Saves builder's working time Cutting after ca 40 minutes Mould- and moisture- resistant

Quality Assurance Certificates

ISO 9001, EN ISO 845, DIN4102, DIN 53428, DIN 53455, DIN 53421, DIN 53422, DIN 5261



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