Euramax is a premium coil coating company that supplies pre-coated aluminium to roof and façade cladding companies worldwide. We distinguish ourselves with a true focus on architecture and coating innovation.

Scope of Application

Our special coated finishes offer inspiration for a multitude of applications such as architectural building components, roller shutters, domestic appliances, parts in automotive/transport, etc.


PolyVinylDiFluoride (PVDF), Fluorpolymer (FEVE), High Durable Polyester (HDP) and other pre-coat systems on aluminium

Quality Assurance Certificates

Accredited member of European Coil Coating Association (ECCA) and fulfillment of all NEN-EN testing criteria. ISO 9001 and 14001 certification. Warranties up to 25 years.



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Aluminium composite panel Aluminum roof covering Aluminium façade cladding Ceiling, Claddings, Floorings, Roofing, Wall Coverings

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