SeraVista steps are produced by reshaping the porcelain tiles in the Seranit portfolio as step profiles. SeraVista enables to create a material integrity between spaces by providing usage of floor and wall tiles on stairways too. Easy-to-apply and durable stairs with wide range of application area extending from high traffic outdoors to indoors: SeraVista Porcelain stairs Steps are produced in 34 cm width and 120 cm length and are easily installed by cutting according to the dimensions of the stairway. Along with the steps, risers and skirting can also be cut according to size requirements, enabling stairways to be completed quickly with perfect detail. All the technical features of the innovative and high tech SeraVista steps are exactly the same as Seranit porcelain tiles . Porcelain steps have technical features, such as stain resistance, strength, low water absorption, durability and longevity. You can use all the porcelain tiles found in the Seranit catalog for SeraVista applications, thusly providing a continuity in vertical circulation in porcelain floored spaces.

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Interior and exterior stairs

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