ALLEV beyazı 4x4 is a plasterboard with 4 tapered edges. There are visible tapered edges on the long edges of the front side of the current plasterboards that are being produced now. ALLEV beyazı 4X4 is that it consists tapered edges even on the short edges of the plasterboards which have no tapered edges

Scope of Application

Ceilings and drywalls applications


Reaction to fire : A2-S1 d0 Length: 2400-2500-3000 mm Width: 1200 mm Thermal conductivity: 0.25 W/m.K Water vapor permeability resistance factor:10

Quality Assurance Certificates

ISO 9001:2008, TS EN 520+A1’e uygun üretim


ALLEV beyazı 4x4

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Exterior façade element Wall panel Exterior façade cladding Fire-proof board Ceiling, Claddings, Floorings, Roofing, Wall Coverings

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