TenCate Polyfelt geotextiles are mechanically bonded continuous filament nonwowen made from UV-stabilised polypropylene. They are highly resistant to installation damage and offer outstanding hydraulic values and durability.

Scope of Application

TenCate Polyfelt nonwowen geotextiles are used mainly at railways, highways and airport constructions as well as tunnel, drainage works, pipelines and soil stabilisation. They are mainly used for separating fine and coarse materials, protecting delicate materials like membranes draining water.


TenCate Polyfelt nonwowen geotextiles can be produced up to 1200 gr/m² . Geotextiles can meet desired drainage and tensile strength values even with lower weights thanks to high technology involved in the production of material.

Quality Assurance Certificates

EN ISO 9001:2008, CE



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