Plaster board is the building plaster used in the construction off decorative material such as core, niche and sculptures. Karonat may be used both for plaster board casting and in affixing the plaster board.

Scope of Application

Interior walls


Physical form: White powder Plaster/water rate: 100 gr. plaster / 70 gr. water Usage period: 7-12 minutes Freezing period: 20-30 minutes Resistance: 8 N/mm² (7 days later) Flexural strength: 3 N/mm² (7 days later) Specific bulk density: 650-700 gr/lt Grain size: Over 50 µ % 16-18 *160 µ over % 0-1,0 PH: 7-8 Surface hardness: 60 shore D Standard TSE EN 13279-1,2 (Tip C1, reinforced with fiber, construction plaster for plaster elements)

Quality Assurance Certificates

TSE, ISO 9001, ISO 18001, ISO 14001


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