Mechanical curtain systems are useful curtains that fit in every space. It is effective against the sunlight, decorative, modern and aesthetic. Can be used as manual and motorized system. Our curtain varieties; Polyester blinds, screen blinds, zebra blinds, blackout curtains, pleated curtains, vertical curtains, wooden and metal blinds curtains, japanese curtains, duet curtains, stage curtains, projection curtains, glass balcony curtains.

Scope of Application

Hotel, home, office, bank, business centers, plazas, hospitals, conference hall, cinema, theater, cafe, restaurant


Transparent, semi-transparent and blackout fabric options Acoustic, flame retardant, anti-bacterial fabric options. Types of chain, motor, spring mechanism Practical solution for double glazing systems Durability and long product life Rich color range

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Ofisim İstanbul Nima Madencilik BM Tarada Belgelendirme Moda Deniz Kulübü Aklar Hukuk Reytaş İnşaat 3M Çerkezköy


Lores, Oba, Somfy, Stordeco

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