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Interiors&outdoors, walls, floors, fireplaces, chimneys, landscaping


Size: Stonewrap manufactured stones have surface areas varying between 50 - 400 cm², and thickness range between 15-70 mm Weight: Between 15 - 45 kg/m² depending on the type Fire resistance: produced of non-flammable materials Average heat resistance: 0,71 Blooming: No signs of blooming have been observed in the test samples Depending on the type of adhesive mortar used for installation, blooming can be observed on the joints and therefore at the edges of the stones. Average 28 days pressure resistance: 385,20 kg/cm² Average 28 days elasticity resistance: 57,20 kg/cm² Stamina: Stamina of our stones have been proved through their many years of use in different regions of the world and in varying climate conditions including extreme heat and cold. No problems have been encountered to date Average water absorption percentage: 15,90 Freezing-thawing: Products have been exposed to 25 freezing/thawing cycles, and no damage on the samples has been observed

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ISO 9001:2008


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