Perforation in the requested measures and axises, burr-free cutting are carried and profiles with high sensitivity in requested lenghts and measures are produced in our lines according to the project details. Hekim Profil provides added value to heavy steel industrial plants, support brackets of solar energy systems, stadiums, bridges and such like steel structures as an auxiliary element and also reduces costs, liber time and tonnages as well as in light steel gauge structures.

Scope of Application

It can be used for construction, steel construction, automotive, electrical and electronics, metal goods, energy sectors with walls, frame, roof, truss and other building components.


HEKIM STRUCTURE ROBOT which is specially designed for our production line, is gained strength and functionality to the profile with drill and twist molding. 16000 mm in length, 4.00 mm in thickness, the hardness st52, 400mm web extent and 100 mm flange sizes can be made the production of hollow profiles.

Quality Assurance Certificates

ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 10002:2004, TSE K 79, TSE-HYB, GOST R, Ukr SEPRO, A-1 Sınıfı Yanmazlık Belgesi, Hijyen Belgesi, İmalat Yeterlilik Belgesi, Yerli Malı Belgesi


Hekim Profil

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