PrideLED series, as a result of an exclusive design work that aimed high performance level, featuring five different power levels between 12 and 44W, emit 1.500 to 4.900 lumens of light. The luminaires of which LED chips featuring 50.000 hours economic life are used, present three different color themes such as Carbon, Color and Silver. While there are seven different body options as spot and recessed luminaires, thanks to these themes, PrideLED series offer 11 different color combinations.

Scope of Application

Especially designed to highlight showcases and varios products.


Between 1500-4900 lm output, 12-18-25-30-44W, dimmable 3000-4000K color, Minimum 80 CRI 15°, 24°, 36° or 48°° beam angled optical lenses Min. 50.000 hours LED life span, 5 year extended guarantee with Zhaga LED module Adjustable 30°-90° on vertical & 330° on horizontal axis Electrostatic powder coated body, 7 different bodies and 11 different color options Extra clear tempered protection glass Aluminium body, heat sink & reflector Polymer kit box & frame Active & passive cooling options

Quality Assurance Certificates

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001, CE, PCT, UKR



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