D45 intercom system supports green building concepts due to its cabling simplicity. It provides color intercom upto 1km and b/w upto 2km. D45 system does not require any central system for communication. It also does communicate guard units to provide maximum security. Alarm sensors can be integrated on indoor units which can send warning information to the guard unit during alarm. Also all indoor units integrated in SOS buton. D45 has wide range of products such as 3,5’’/5,6’’/7’’ and 10’’ with button designed and touch types.

Scope of Application

Buildings, houses and offices


4000 flats 800 flats for each building 80 ourdoor unit for each buinding 16 guard (management) unit 100 building conneciton 1 km color communicaiton 2 km B/W communication Alarm inputs Touch and button types indoor units Directly call mode to guard unit SOS button R45 simple installation No need any central unit



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Building security system Entrance control and security system Video doorphone Görüntülü kapı telefonu intercom

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