Myhome home automation system allows to you control lighting, curtain, cooling/heating system, video control, securtiy and multimedia. Bticino switches provide to visual harmony and control aswell. Also the system can be controlled by application via smart phones and tablets.Also offers wireless solution for places where hard to install cable.Ligthing management system offers lower energy consumption with using sensors and relays. Nowadays green buinlding concpet is more impoartant. In order to building automation systems KNX and SCS systems help to reduce consumption.

Scope of Application

Buildings, houses, offices


Lighting control Curtain control Cooling and heating system control Security Intercom and video solution Multimedia Wireless- ZigBee


Bticino, Legrand

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Preliminary Study/Feasibility, Project, Consultancy, Inspection, Execution

intelligent building system Home automation Lighting control Curtain control Smart home

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