Lightweight Spray Plaster separately packed in the laminated 26 kg polypropylene bags to apply by machine as a one coat to have a glossy finish in all surfaces at the inner spaces.Compared to standard spray plasters it covers more area up to 25% and when it is loaded in the same weight of standard spray plaster 25% more bags are transported and consequently lower shipping costs are achieved.

Scope of Application

All surfaces at the inner spaces


Loose unit weight (kg/m³):650-750 Water/plaster ratio (%): 70 Application time (min): 100 Freezing end (minute): 200-250 Surface hardness: 40-45 Shore D Fire Class: A1 Thermal conductivity (W/mK): 0,21

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Gypsum plaster Machine-applied plaster Sıva alçısı Gypsum Gypsum spray plaster

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