Panora-View systems are large span motorized, vertical retracting door and window systems. Safety was the number one priority in the Panora-View’s design due to very large and heavy glass panes. To achieve this level of safety and maintenance free operation Libart designed a special drive system with a built-in fail safe operation. Libart first designed the Panora View systems back in 2012, now in the year 2017 Libart has designed the 5. Generation of the systems and has created new models and types according to the use of the system.

Scope of Application

In Restaurants, Cafes, Hotels, Pools, Commercial, Residential spaces, Panora-View can be used to obtain an uninterrupted, united and elegant spaces with unblocked sight and a highlighted comfort sense.


Structural system and framing is manufactured from 6063-T6 custom designed aluminum profiles. There are 5 standard and hundreds of custom colors to choose from no vertical frames within the glazing, horizontal frames follow the minimalistic design of 38mm (1.49”) Motors are 220VAC single phase or 380VAC 3 phase, 50/60Hz motors with 24VDC control system Automatic locking at all positions with or without electricity. An operation option to use the system as a door.

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