TenCate Miragrid GX uniaxial and biaxial geogrids are engineered materials suitable for short and long term soil reinforcement, subgrade stabilisation, base reinforcement and retaining wall structures. They are composed of high modulus polyester fibres, knitted in a flat orientation and covered with a protective polymeric coating. TenCate Polyfelt Rock PEC is a high-tensile geocomposite consisting of polyester yarns anchored to a continuous-filament nonwowen. Rock PEC combines high strength with excellent separation and filtration. Is therefore ideal for stabilisation of fine-grain soils.

Scope of Application

TenCate Miragrid GX series geogrids are used for soil reinforcement, subgrade stabilisation, basal reinforcement and slope stability solutions up to 90° with green, precast or block wall surface finishing options; mainly at highways, railways and airports as well as other civil engineering applications. TenCate Polyfelt Rock PEC is used at retaining structures, railway construction, unpaved and paved roads, parking and storage area. Rock PEC can also be used where Miragrid GX geogrids are used. Beyond all the advantages of Miragrid GX, Rock PEC provides seperation and filtration function as well.


TenCate Miragrid GX series uniaxial and biaxial geogrids have tensile strength up to 400kN/m. Due to their resistance to severe external conditions they can be used at applications where 120 years of designed sevice life is expected. Products have quality accreditations globally. Products can be manufactured project based at needed tensile strengths. TenCate Polyfelt Rock PEC can be produced uniaxially more than 200 kN/m and biaxially more than 100 kN/m.

Quality Assurance Certificates

EN ISO 9001:2008, CE, Diğer Bağımsız Şirket Kalite Sertifikaları



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