Panel Fence; building security system is an indispensable product. Easy to install, cost effective and advantageous because the longevity and always is the preferred product. Panel fence 's most important feature is that it is resistant to wear and long life. Panel fencing, generally used for decorative purposes, the hedge varieties produced as a single panel. Profile system allows the possibility of applying different floors. The top of the panel, are manufactured with a special coating technology polyester content. PVC-coated galvanized fencing systems and can be. The panel, as well as fences, razor wire (linear or spiral), barbed wire, wire mesh, steel mesh paneled fence systems are different forms of application. The installation of fences or concrete pipe poles available. to the position of the desired area surrounded by the fence, characteristics and optionally can be selected from various fence system. depending on the application; Single Panel Fence, Canfor Single Panel Fence, Sedaf Single Panel Fence, Canfor Panel Fence Double, Double Sedaf panel fence, a double panel Panel types including CITV to Dekosedaf fence.

Scope of Application

Villas, buildings, parks, garden and for highways


Mesh size: 50/100/150/200 mm Wire dia: 0,4/5/6 mm Height: 800/1000/1200/1250/1500/1750/2000/2400 mm Width: 2500 mm Coating: Galvanized +over static or PVC paint Colours: All the colours in RAL catalogue Profile Post: 60x60,1,5-2mm, 50x50x1,5-2mm


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