Exterior wall insulation is a thermal insulation system and applied in the following stages: adhering the thermal insulation panels on the exterior surfaces; fixing them with plugs, and plastering and painting the surfaces. Exterior wall insulation is not hard work and it can be used for years.

Scope of Application

The basic purpose of all insulation systems is to provide healthy and comfortable living conditions within a building by protecting its structural elements and load-bearing system from varying weather conditions. Provision of comfortable living conditions in a building is as important to human health; as protecting a building from the weather is important to the longevity of the building


Thermal conductivity coefficient (W/m.K): 0,033-0,036 Fire class: TS EN ISO 11925-2 E Class Compressive strength (kPa): 150-600 Density (kg/m³): 28-32 Thickness (cm): 2-12 Bonusmax system elements: Bonusmax Plus (2-12 cm), Bonusmax adhesive filler (25 kg) Bonusmax rendering filler (25 kg), Bonusmax fiberglass mesh (160 gr) Bonusmax corner profile with mesh (2,5 mt), Bonusmax plugs, First level primer (20 kg), Bonusmax decorative mortar (25 kg)

Quality Assurance Certificates

TSE, TSEK, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2005



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