IsoTile was developed as an alternative to the existing external cladding systems, exterior wall coating and insulation as well as a combination of ceramics is an innovative product offering. Graphite reinforced EPS insulation material, cement-based product consisting of a frame, and Slimetric tile covering and insulation in a single step with a single material, allows for easy and therefore shortens the application time.

Scope of Application

Residential exterior facades, exterior walls, brick, ytong etc., the industrial buildings, skilled/commercial buildings stand out design, the upper segment/low-rise design featured housing projects, public housing projects with revenue sharing, by the state to the public buildings (palaces of justice, school projects, etc.), the social housing projects


Slimetric (5 mm thick) tile front side Graphite EPS insulation panel Tiles with integrated reinforced concrete frame Harmful chemicals-free compact structure



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Exterior thermal insulation system Thermal insulated curtain wall panel Porcelain facade cladding Thermal insulation Exterior façade cladding

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