UV+ compact panels are distinguished from the alternative products by its resistance to UV and weather conditions for exterior applications. It is treated with a special top layer to strengthen its surface charactheristics. With® its wide color and size alternatives G-UV+ is one step ahead in comparison to the alternative products of the competitors.

Scope of Application

G-Com UV+® is used for all types of exterior cladding on buildings and structures such as residents ,workplaces, business centers, banks, public buildings, sport halls, stadiums, airports and hospitals as well as balcony coatings.


Thickness range: 4-20 mm Dimensions: 1300x2800mm/1300x3050mm, other sizes upon request

Quality Assurance Certificates

EN Classification: EN 438 - 6 EDS, EDF EN 438 - 4 CGS, ISO 9001:2008, TSE, FSC, KIWA


G-Com UV+®

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