G-Ext show superior endurance against strong weather conditions; direct sun light, rain, acid rain, wind and friction. The special coating and curing technology ensures the UV resistance and provides® colour stabilization which takes G-Ext always one step ahead from equivalent products of the competitors. Besides its superior endurance, it does not contain hazardous materials and it is environment friendly. ® G-Ext decorative panels can be produced in B1 class which has extra fire-resistance feature if requested. ® G-Ext decorative panels have 10 years of guarantee and an extensive life span, provided that conditions specified in general specification are followed Surface of G-Ext panels is enhanced by using electron beam curing (EBC) technology which is used by liminted number of companies around the world.

Scope of Application

G-Ext is used for all types of exterior cladding on buildings and structures such as residents, workplaces, business centers, banks, public buildings, sport halls, stadiums, airports hospitals and exterior table tops as well as balcony coatings.


Thickness range: 4-20 mm Dimensions: 1300x2800 mm /1300x3050 mm, other sizes upon request.

Quality Assurance Certificates

EN Classification: EDS, EDF EN 438 - 6/7, ISO 9001:2008, TÜV, TÜV NORD, KIWA, CE, TSE, FSC, KOMO


G-Ext® Exterior Decorative Panels

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Exterior façade compact laminated board Compact laminated façade cladding Exterior façade cladding Compact laminate Glass-mat sheathing board Ceiling, Claddings, Floorings, Roofing, Wall Coverings

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